Oakdene Ethos & Values

The ethos of Oakdene Primary School centres around our mission statement of 'Growing & Learning Together' which all children, staff and parents strive to achieve.

At Oakdene, we have six values which we follow throughout the year. A focus is put on a different value each half term which is celebrated in our half-termly Values Assembly. 

Our School Values are Responsibility, Friendship, Respect, Honesty, Determination and Excellence.

Mr Weston has written songs for each of our school values, which children learn to sing (and hopefully enjoy) in our hymn practices and assemblies. You can find lyric videos for these songs on this page.

The song 'Back Where We Belong' is for when children return to school after a break - good for the start of each year, and especially in 2020.

The page also includes our transition song, also written by Mr Weston - Moving On (You Got This). This is for any child (or adult) who is making a change from one place to another.

‘Growing and Learning Together’