At Oakdene, we believe in developing each Child to their full potential through both the Curriculum and Extended Services activities.

From September 2014, Oakdene has been implementing the new National Curriculum.  Much of the curriculum is statuary but there are some non-statuary elements, as well as some freedoms as to how to deliver the curriculum.

With this in mind, we have developed an annual overview for each year group as well as the half termly plans that we already provide.

Children start each area of learning with ‘Learning Challenges’, or questions, and, as the work progresses, these questions are answered. Once the necessary elements of the curriculum have been covered, the children are encouraged to develop their knowledge even further through extension activities and further research. Learning Challenges are revisited throughout the topic to ensure that all learning has been understood.

Subjects other than Maths and English may not be discrete – sometimes they will learn their History alongside their Geography, or their Science may will link with their Computing.  Where possible the links have been made from their topic work to Maths and English to enable children to apply skills in different contexts.

All this has been done to ensure that your child has access to a thorough coverage of the new curriculum, and the curiosity, engagement and application of skills to succeed.

In addition to the Curriculum, many areas are developed through Extended Services activities. These take place at lunchtimes or after School and vary throughout the year from Art to Athletics, Choir to Cricket and French to Football. We try to ensure that we provide a very wide range of Activities for all our children.

If you would like any further information, please contact our Foundation Stage/Key Stage 1 Leader, Miss Barlow or our Key Stage 2 Leader, Mr Weston, for further information.

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