Out of School Activities

At Oakdene, we offer a wide range of activities which take place from 3.15pm – 4.15pm on any week night.

Activities include Art, Computer Club, Football, Fitness, Choir and French Clubs as well as various other activities throughout the year.

We have before School activities of Judo and Fencing at specific points during the year.

All these Clubs are available to different year groups depending on what the activities entail.

In addition to these before and after School activities, School Council and Eco Council run at dinner times throughout the year.

You will be informed at the beginning of each academic term as to what Clubs will be available for your Child throughout the year.



Currently our only extra curricular school activities are provided by Mr Hodgkinson in line with Government guidelines. Each half term you will recieve a letter to inform you which classess are able to take part in these actvities. 

‘Growing and Learning Together’