Safer Internet

In Oakdene, as part of our Computing curriculum and Personal Social and Health Education, we teach our pupils how to stay safe whilst using the internet. All classes have a focus on 'Safe and Responsible Use' in the first half of the Autumn term, we constantly talk to the children about keeping themselves safe on the internet and have assemblies too.

This year's Safer Internet Day is on Monday February 5th and the theme is 'Be The Change: Unite for a Better Internet'. We will lead the day with a special assembly looking at publishing of images online, and then classes will produce some work on sharing content on the internet for a display in the Computer Suite. Further information and useful resources for parents can be found at this website:

We realise that it is a very different world for our children today.We need to work as a partnership with you as much of their online experiences will be at home.

As educators  we need to be educated.

As parents we need to be educated.

Pupils need to be equipped.

If you are concerned about something your child has experienced online then IWF Internet watch foundation helps you to anonymously report distressing online

There are many other good websites that you can use to help you.

www is a good site to find out about cyberbullying.



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