Maths at Oakdene

At Oakdene, we follow a Mastery approach to mathematics. The lesson objective will likely be the same objective from preceding and forthcoming lessons, as children develop their learning in depth and with variation. Children will work on objectives at roughly the same pace, with the expectation that all children can do Maths. Swift intervention is given to children who are finding the topics difficult. Lessons include 'challenge' tasks, where children work together and support each other, as well as guided and independent work, where children demonstrate their individual learning.

Children’s learning should constantly demonstrate the aims of the Maths curriculum: Fluency, Reasoning and Problem Solving. This is visible each day in lessons, in tasks prepared by staff, and in the work produced in children's books.

We currently follow the long-term overviews produced by White Rose Maths to ensure all curriculum objectives are covered. This also builds in revision work on topics that may or may not have been covered in as much detail last year due to COVID-19.

Teachers produce their own bespoke plans and worksheets using resources from White Rose Maths, as well as Build-A-Sequence - excellent activities created by local mathematician Tara Loughran. This enables us to tailor our lessons to the needs of our children.

Please view the files on this page for more detail on our approach within Maths lessons, and the curriculum objectives covered in each year group. 

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‘Growing and Learning Together’