Oakdene Ethos & Values

The ethos of Oakdene Primary School centres around our mission statement of

'Growing & Learning Together'

which all children, staff and parents strive to achieve.

Underpinning our mission statement are 6 core values which we follow throughout the year with a focus on one value each half term. 

Responsibility         Respect         Friendship        Honesty         Determination         Pride

We encourage our whole school community to show our core values by adhering to our 3 key principles:

We show responsibility and respect by taking care of our school and community. 

We show friendship and honesty with all members of our school community

We show determination to improve, and pride in all of our achievements. 

The children are rewarded by showing how they follow our core values with dojos given for recognition of these values. 

We also have half termly award winners voted for by staff and children recognising excellent effort in showing our values in school. These are celebrated in our half termly 'Values Award Assemblies' with accompanying videos showing what many of our children have achieved throughout the term. 

Throughout the curriculum, our teaching links to both our School Values and the British Values with reference made to them at suitable points as well as them being referred to during the school day. Music links have been provided by Mr. Weston's songs for each school value. See the playlist linked. Click the list on the top right of the link to bring up a choice of the values videos.


‘Growing and Learning Together’