Reading for Pleasure

At Oakdene, we love seeing our children with real enthusiasm for reading, and strive to offer them a wide and varied selection of modern and classic reads to feed their love of reading.

Our children are loving their weekly sessions in our school library, perusing our selection of books.

To support and enhance the range of books we offer to our children, we have set up a wishlist with A New Chapter Books where parents and friends of the school can donate books to our school and class libraries. Please follow the link below to peruse our wish list. If you wish to support school by donating a book, follow the online instructions. Thank you in advance for your donations.

Oakdene Primary School Wishlist - A New Chapter Books

Many parents ask about suitable books for their children to read. The website above is a fantastic resource for children to explore their own love of books and discover books they would love to read. The website has a range of book recommendations for all ages. It provides them with the opportunity to meet books and authors that they might not choose themselves. It has a handy page in the recommendation section which allows the children to choose books based on ones they have read already. It is called, 'If they like.. they'll love.' So if your child loves Roald Dahl there will be another author recommended who write similar books. It is fantastic! Let us know if you find any books that you think your classmates would love to read. As a parent you will need to sign up (but it is free) and then you can explore the website with your child/children.

Happy reading!

Why not try this challenge?

100 books to read before leaving Primary School.

 It is a great list of books, voted for in the TES,old and new, classics and recently published. These books are sure to inspire more reading and a love of books for years to come.

How many have you read?


Getting Your Child to Love Reading

Children who read for pleasure become lifelong readers. This advice for parents describes how to instil in children a love for books.

Helping your children to enjoy reading is one of the most important things you can do as a parent and well worth the investment of your time and energy.

Kids will learn reading skills in school, but often they come to associate reading with work, not pleasure. As a result, they lose their desire to read. And it is that desire – the curiosity and interest – that is the cornerstone to using reading and related skills successfully.

Read aloud

By far the most effective way to encourage your children to love books and reading is to read aloud to them, and the earlier you start, the better. Even a baby of a few months can see pictures, listen to your voice, and turn cardboard pages.

Make this time together a special time when you hold your kids and share the pleasure of a story without the distractions of TV or telephones. You may be surprised to find that a well-written children's book is often as big a delight to you as it is to the kids.

And don't stop taking the time to read aloud once your children have learned to read for themselves. At this stage, encourage them to read to you some of the time. This shared enjoyment will continue to strengthen your children's interest and appreciation.

Keep books around your home

Simply having books, magazines, and newspapers around your home will help children to view them as part of daily life. And your example of reading frequently and enjoying it will reinforce that view.

While your children are still very small, it's a good idea to start a home library for them, even if it's just a shelf or two. Be sure to keep some books for little children to handle freely.

Consider specially made, extra durable books for infants, and pick paperbacks and plastic covers for kids who are older but still not quite ready for expensive hardbacks. Allowing little children to touch, smell, and even taste books will help them to develop strong attachments.

How you handle books will eventually influence how your kids treat them. Children imitate, so if they see that you enjoy reading and treat books gently and with respect, it is likely that they will do the same.

Choose books your child will enjoy

When you read aloud together, choose books that you both like. If a book seems dull, put it down and find one that is appealing. There are, however, so many children's books in print that making the best selections may seem a formidable task.

One approach is to look for award-winning books. There are two famous awards for children's literature made each year by the American Library Association that are good indicators of quality work: the Caldecott Medal for illustration and the Newbery Medal for writing. But these are given to only two of the approximately 2,500 new children's books published each year.

Fortunately, there is a lot of other good help available. For instance, there are lists of books recommended by the American Library Association and the Library of Congress and some excellent books to guide parents in making selections.

The best help of all, though, is at your neighborhood library. If you are not familiar with the library, don't hesitate to ask for help. The children's librarian is trained to help you locate specific books, books that are good for reading aloud, and books on a particular subject recommended for a particular age group.

The library also has many book lists, including ones like those mentioned above and probably some published by the library itself.

In addition, your library will have several journals that regularly review children's books, including The Horn Book and Booklist. These will give you an idea of what's new and worth pursuing.

And there's nothing like just browsing through the many books available at your library until you find ones that appeal to you and your kids.

If your children are school-aged, keep in mind that the school library is an excellent source for a wide variety of materials and the school librarian is knowledgeable about children's literature. Encourage your children to bring home books from their school library for pleasure as well as for their studies.




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