Reading for Pleasure

Many parents ask about suitable books for their children to read. The website above is a fantastic resource for children to explore their own love of books and discover books they would love to read. The website has a range of book recommendations for all ages. It provides them with the opportunity to meet books and authors that they might not choose themselves. It has a handy page in the recommendation section which allows the children to choose books based on ones they have read already. It is called, 'If they like.. they'll love.' So if your child loves Roald Dahl there will be another author recommended who write similar books. It is fantastic! Let us know if you find any books that you think your classmates would love to read. As a parent you will need to sign up (but it is free) and then you can explore the website with your child/children.

Happy reading!

Why not try this challenge?

100 books to read before leaving Primary School.

 It is a great list of books, voted for in the TES,old and new, classics and recently published. These books are sure to inspire more reading and a love of books for years to come.

How many have you read?





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