Year 3: Gallery

Year 3 European Day of Languages, by Mrs Hamlin

Date: 2nd Oct 2020 @ 4:47pm

Hockey!, by Mrs Garton-Pope

Date: 11th Sep 2020 @ 10:09am

Y3 enjoyed their first PE lesson of hockey. 

Another super example of great home learning!, by Mrs Garton-Pope

Date: 22nd Apr 2020 @ 1:21pm

Fabulous year 3 home learning!, by Mrs Garton-Pope

Date: 22nd Apr 2020 @ 12:24pm

Year 3 sport relief, by Mrs Hamlin

Date: 13th Mar 2020 @ 3:39pm

Yaar 3 RE day, by Mrs Hamlin

Date: 12th Mar 2020 @ 5:49pm

We had great fun discussing and acting out the story of Jonah and the Whale!

Year 3 World Book Day, by Mrs Hamlin

Date: 6th Mar 2020 @ 4:42pm

Y3 Stone Age Cave Art, by Mrs Hamlin

Date: 27th Jan 2020 @ 10:33am

Y3 Stone Age Experience at Tatton Park, by Mrs Hamlin

Date: 17th Jan 2020 @ 4:18pm

Y3 Friendship week, by Mrs Hamlin

Date: 15th Nov 2019 @ 12:26pm

To celebrate friendship week, year 3 have been writing their own recipe for Friendship Soup.

Times Table Rockstars , by Mrs Hamlin

Date: 10th Oct 2019 @ 4:19pm

Year 3 love  practising their times tables and trying to climb the leader board on Times Table Rockstars.

Y3 Hockey, by Mrs Hamlin

Date: 10th Oct 2019 @ 4:09pm

Y3 The Tin Forest, by Mrs Hamlin

Date: 10th Oct 2019 @ 4:00pm

Y3 were inspired by the Tin Forest story to produce their own 'tin forest' from junk materials.


European Day of Languages poster competition, by Mrs Hamlin

Date: 4th Oct 2019 @ 4:17pm

Congratulations to everyone who entered the poster competition.  There were lots of amazing entries and choosing winners proved a difficult task.  Here are just a few of the prize winners.

EDL celebrations 26th September 2019, by Mrs Hamlin

Date: 26th Sep 2019 @ 5:16pm

We had great fun celebrating European Day of Languages - 26th September 2019.


World book Day, by Mrs Hodgson

Date: 10th Mar 2019 @ 11:18pm

We had fun celebrating our love of books!

Oh yes we did! , by Miss Barlow

Date: 13th Feb 2019 @ 1:11pm

What a fantastic performance of Sleeping Beauty! The children loved the pantomime today and are already excited to see what they do next year. 

The Stone Age - in Minecraft!, by Mrs Garton-Pope

Date: 12th Feb 2019 @ 4:24pm

Look at how Hayden has used his knowledge of the Stone Age to recreate it in Minecraft. Well done Hayden!

What have we been learning?, by Mrs Garton-Pope

Date: 10th Nov 2018 @ 4:58pm

Here is a selection of things we have been up to this term!

Plants, by Mr Byrne

Date: 23rd Feb 2018 @ 3:01pm

Last half term, we learnt all about the different parts of a plant. We had to use our buckets to collect different objects which we could use to make our own plant. We had so much fun and LOVE our outdoor learning (especially when it's cold)!!

Jam Sandwich Algorithms, by Mr Byrne

Date: 17th Jan 2018 @ 9:04pm

We had lots of fun this afternoon reminding Mr Byrne how to make a jam sandwich because he has forgotten. We think he enjoyed some of them, but not them all!

Well done to Thomas and Joe who helped Mr Byrne make the perfect sandwich.

Outdoor Maths, by Mr Byrne

Date: 12th Dec 2017 @ 5:41pm

The children in Year 3 have had lots of fun learning Maths outside this half term.

The children have represented three digit numbers using things that they could find on our school field. They have also practised their times tables by playing games outside.

Twig Caves, by Mr Byrne

Date: 12th Dec 2017 @ 5:33pm

The children had lots of fun making a mess of Mr Byrne's classroom while making their twig caves. The children really did get their hands dirty!!

E-Safety, by Mr Byrne

Date: 31st Oct 2017 @ 5:40pm

We learnt all about how to stay safe online. We created posters using Microsoft Word to show everything we had learned.

‘Growing and Learning Together’